Last week we chartered a Vortex Airlines flight down to inspect the property with some interested people. We even tried out a few swings on the location of the 4th.

Col Tucker, co-owner of Vortex Airlines was kind enough to come with us and explain how we can work together to make our project a success.

After Leaving Moorabbin at 7.45am we were on the Island 50 minutes later.

Along the way Rob (the Pilot) did a couple of circuits over the site and even from the air we all got the impression that the land was ripe for a links golf course. The fairway outlines showed up from the mowing done back in January already indicating a golf course was on its way.

Summer was quite dry but things are starting to green up now that the autumn rains are with us.

David Munday, the Captain of the Currie course & a keen supporter of Ocean Dunes, went out of his way to make us all feel welcome and put on a King Island lunch with beautiful cheeses, local strawberries & chocolate mousse for dessert. Not only was the lunch great but the Boathouse overlooking the Currie harbour was the perfect location.

The weather couldn’t have been better for trying out “the course” but we all need to refine our swings to be able to master the 4th!

Although we did get stuck on the 4th we did make the time to check all the holes – driving up & down & through the dunes – very carefully, although very few bumps were missed!

Before departing we made time for a visit to the King island dairy, five minutes up the road, & stocked up on the famous cheeses – two new ones having just been launched. On a side note, Lion Nathan has just acquired the 1145Ha. Horizon Glen Dairy farm indicating an on-going strong commitment to the Island.

Graeme & Bernie stayed for a further day just to tweak a few of the hole locations and put a few more pins out.