Due to investor interest the Directors have given authorisation for Graeme & Bernie to begin construction of the golf course. This does not require any drawing down of investor funds & it is stressed that 80% of the capital is required before any other works (clubhouse, accommodation & infrastructure) are undertaken. We are continuing to source the remaining funds.

Construction will start during the first week of June and heavy machinery will be shipped over to the Island in late May. Last week we signed up David Munday; our first investor from King Island, and encourage others to get on board and become part of history.

We are planning to hold a Marquee Day on site on 2nd June, just prior to construction, and we welcome all interested people to come along. Tours of the course layout will be provided and a few holes can be tried out! Refreshments will also be available

Ocean Dunes will sponsor the Saturday competition at the King Island Golf Club on 1st June with Graeme & Bernie joining in to play. The preparatory work of spraying for Kikuyu & Boxthorn is already underway.

We inspected the seedlings being grown by the ‘Frogshack Nursery’ to revegetate certain areas & can report the strike rate has been good & we can look to begin planting during winter & into spring. We’re planning for working bees to carry out this task. Now that the cattle have all been taken off the property we are noticing some regrowth and regeneration of the remaining indigenous plants.

The wallabies, pheasants and peacocks are out and about as well and we have sighted a pair of Sea Eagles. The autumnal weather has been special and matches Melbourne for probably the best time of the year for golf.